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Silicon Valley Bank assets to be sold to First Citizens, FDIC says

3/27/2023 12:15 AM Open Story
First Citizens Bank will buy about $72 billion in assets from the failed Silicon Valley Bank, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation said.  

2 dead, 5 injured in shootings at 2 Little Rock locations, police say

3/27/2023 12:41 AM Open Story
Two people were killed and five were injured in a pair of shootings in Little Rock, Arkansas, on Sunday evening, local police said.  

Mass protests erupt after Netanyahu fires defense chief

3/26/2023 10:02 PM Open Story
Tens of thousands of Israelis have poured into the streets across the country in a spontaneous outburst of anger after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu abruptly fired his defense minister for challenging the Israeli leader’s judicial overhaul plan  

South Korea says North Korea fired ballistic missile toward sea

3/26/2023 4:31 PM Open Story
South Korea says North Korea fired ballistic missile toward sea  

2 Louisiana officers killed in helicopter crash, police say

3/26/2023 4:34 PM Open Story
A Baton Rouge police helicopter crashed in West Baton Rouge Parish, killing two local police officers.  

Twitter: parts of its source code leaked online

3/26/2023 5:32 PM Open Story
Some parts of Twitter’s source code _ the fundamental computer code on which the social network runs _ were leaked online, the social media company said in a legal filing on Sunday that was first reported by The New York Times  

In Macron's France, streets and fields seethe with protest

3/27/2023 12:32 AM Open Story
Protesting is a rite of passage in France and again the rage  

Taiwan's former leader Ma begins China visit

3/27/2023 2:32 AM Open Story
Former Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou departed for a tour of China Monday, in what he called an attempt to reduce tensions a day after Taiwan lost one of its few remaining diplomatic partners to China  

Deputies accused of shoving guns in mouths of 2 Black men

3/27/2023 2:02 AM Open Story
Police and court records obtained by The Associated Press show that deputies who were accepted to a Mississippi sheriff's department's special tactical unit have been involved in at least four violent encounters with Black men since 2019 that left two ...  

Doctor charged with murder in Florida lawyer disappearance

3/26/2023 2:47 PM Open Story
A Florida surgeon has been charged with murder in the disappearance of a Tampa area attorney  

UP becomes second railroad to drop push for one-person crews

3/26/2023 12:02 PM Open Story
Union Pacific has become the second major freight railroad in the past week to back away from the industry's longstanding push to cut train crews down to one person as lawmakers and regulators increasingly focus on rail safety following last month's fi...  

Florida school uproar leads Italy to invite viewing 'David'

3/26/2023 2:11 PM Open Story
A Florence museum and the city's mayor are inviting parents and students from a Florida charter school to visit and see Michelangelo’s “David.”  

New tornadoes menace Georgia; 2-year-old among the 25 dead in Mississippi

3/26/2023 5:16 PM Open Story
President Joe Biden on Sunday approved disaster relief for Mississippi, making federal funding available to those impacted by the Friday's severe storms and tornadoes.  

LIVE: ABC News Live

3/26/2023 10:56 AM Open Story
24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events  

7 dead after explosion at chocolate factory

3/26/2023 7:31 PM Open Story
Seven people are dead and several others are injured after an explosion at a chocolate factory Friday in West Reading, Pennsylvania.  

WATCH: French diners enjoy wine as fire lit by protesters burns nearby

3/26/2023 4:11 PM Open Story
Diners sitting outside at a café in the French city of Bordeaux enjoyed their wine not far from the glow of a raging fire lit by demonstrators protesting divisive pension reforms.  

WATCH: Dolphins dive in and out of waves alongside surfers

3/26/2023 4:10 PM Open Story
A pod of dolphins is seen leaping in and out of waves alongside surfers near Wategos Beach in Byron Bay, Australia.  

WATCH: Zebra recaptured in South Korea after escaping zoo

3/25/2023 8:18 PM Open Story
A zebra took itself on a walking tour through the streets of Seoul, South Korea — until rescue workers returned it to the zoo it escaped from.  

WATCH: Watch this incredible video of 94-year-old going skydiving

3/24/2023 1:50 PM Open Story
Marge Wardenski isn't your typical 94-year-old.  

WATCH: Mom and son celebrate matching residency programs together

3/24/2023 3:00 PM Open Story
Wenjing Cao and her son Hefei Liu who graduates from medical school in May 2023, were both accepted into residency programs.  

WATCH: Girl makes big catch on 1st fishing trip with dad

3/24/2023 8:24 AM Open Story
Matt Brewster’s 9-year-old daughter Ali burst into tears of joy after catching a nearly five-and-a-half-pound bass on their trip together.  

WATCH: Inside world’s 1st 3-year cruise around the globe

3/24/2023 9:57 AM Open Story
The “Life at Sea” ship will set sail from Istanbul in November, traveling to 375 destinations, with stops in 135 countries across all seven continents.  

WATCH: Softball player scores in trick play

3/23/2023 8:39 AM Open Story
Carthage, Texas, high school senior Jada Walton used some creative thinking to distract the catcher as she tagged home plate.  

WATCH: Rare giraffe born at Belgian zoo

3/22/2023 10:00 AM Open Story
A zoo in Belgium recently welcomed a new resident: a newborn Rothschild's giraffe.  

WATCH: Meteorologists fight to launch weather balloon in sandstorm

3/22/2023 8:22 AM Open Story
Meteorologists fight to launch a weather balloon as strong winds rip through dust-filled skies in northern China.